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The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort


Tiffany Alfonso

Chapter Four

The next day, I prepared myself for a fun-filled day in Ovationia, wondering if my request to the stars came true. Thankfully, I was pleased with the clean sight of the Clare Restaurant, graffiti-free and arranged for the "Celebrity Morn." I was lucky because I did not have the same dilemma about the character greetings as my dream. I spotted Mr. M happily waiting for his order identical to mine: a cheese omelet with a side of Belgian waffles and milk. He asked me for my camera because there will be an army of characters greeting people. I greeted five of them as I ate my breakfast fare: two flautists, a pair of oboists, and, of course, 'Soonist Sally. All five of them had their photos taken with me by my sixth grade math instructor, and they all signed my autograph album.

As we boarded the monorail after we filled our bellies and my camera was handed back to me, we learned that if we stay at a hotel, we would enter the theme parks two hours before the general public (i.e. the people who stayed in hotels outside the resort). When we arrived in Ovationia, another ecru-colored sign regarding the entry was posted and it read in large, green letters:


As we passed the security checkpoints at the entrance (thank goodness that Mr. M stayed at the Bocal Village hotel), we felt a crumb disappointed because it was unfair to some others, but the lines seemed to be more stunted than usual. We rode a faction of the rides shortly before the "Golden Carnivale" parade which starts a half hour after the usual lunchtime (i.e. noon). The parade headed to our area and it filed by us, making it a grand procession similar to the Party Gras parade in the early 1990's in Disney parks. Because it was Kartrina's fiftieth anniversary, gold was an outstandingly dominant color throughout its props, floats, and costumes. It was a splendid spectacle blending Mardi gras, Caribbean, Brazilian, Venetian, and other Latin varieties. Music and choreography possessing them marry together in a display that clichéd the pre-Lenten festivities and people can revere them yearlong besides the period between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday. What a superlative and spectacular counterpart of the Disney parks' Party Gras, with scores of Kartrina's costumed characters, showgirls, mambo groups, calypso bands, samba ensembles, and the famous Brandenburg Boppers!

Everything was functioning smoothly until a stubby-haired boy drew a rocket on the second float in Brazilian style and all the performers, security personnel, and the once-thrilled crowd gasped appallingly. What was once a day of merriment was now a day of horror, alarm, and vandalism. They all happened because of that five year old who was a total Picasso of the whole resort!

"Stop the parade! Stop the parade!" the security guards barked out.

"Why would you stop it? We have already started it." One of the showgirls inquired.

"I'll tell you what, young lady," one of the guards scolded sardonically, "That young man made a criminal offense against the park and we will not and I mean WILL NOT start the parade with a float looking like this."

"But we have started it," she complained, "You must know the meaning of 'the show must go on,' sir."

"Young lady, unless that runt with Crayola in his hand gets a good time-out in the klink, we will not start it! Do I get myself crystal clear?" he asked with a strict teacher's face.

The showgirl discounted him abruptly and the parade stood stagnant as a moment of silence in a football game. Hans Glutcher, CEO of ComMedia Della Artesia Parks International, gaited through the dismayed crowd and performers. He then stepped up on the first float with a microphone in hand and he spoke in an eloquent voice:

"Visitors, I would want Whiz Kid Forte and Mr. M to join me, the security personnel, Playful Peasgood, Rompin' Rachel, Kitty Arfken, Cherry Plucker and 'Soonist Sally in capturing the reprobate named Doodlin' Davey. As described in the juvenile records, he was wearing a T-shirt with blue and white stripes and a pair of red pants. He is also five years old, triangle-nosed, stubby-haired, and has a reputation of inappropriate behavior in the household. His so-called 'crayon drawings' expanded from the household to the world's favorite family-friendly vacation spot three times the size of Walt Disney World devoted to all areas of the arts. If he spends at least a year in jail, we will extend the daily parade until the fall of 2009. Everyone should stay in your resorts until further notice. We apologize for any discomfort that may have caused you to ruin your stay and we were very sorry for the unhappiness of your kids. Thank you for your cooperation."

"You mean, I'm going on some mission?" I asked as I faced Hans.

"Absolutely," Hans responded, "You are having this adventure around the park because you have an extensive musical knowledge and Mr. M, like yourself, solves such conflicts in a creative way"

"Thanks, Hans," I smiled, " That is all I need to know, sir."

My vacation, which was family-oriented and full of fantasy, turned into an adventure. I came to Kartrina not only for a morsel of R and R; I landed head first on a mission throughout the resort with Mr. M, Mr. Glutcher, and five of the Brandenburg Boppers. It was about something that moms and law enforcement gripe about: putting an end to vandalism in public places. We had to investigate the theme parks alongside Ovationia: Grosso Rico, Rhymbina, and Point Slarshy. In addition, we would search Throto Village, Cyber Splash, Doff City, Aquatic Ruins, Nitepolis, and all the resort hotels. If we are lucky to have Doodlin' Davey captured in time, my vacation will have ample memories for years (even decades) to come. Thank goodness, my inference about the con artist from a children's book (i.e. Doodln' Davey) was correct!

Chapter 5

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