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Black Diamond


Black Rose


A woman stood in a windowless room, crying. If others could have seen her, she would lose her reputation as the hardest, coldest, and cruelest of her kind. Diamond. That was the name she went by now. Beautiful as a gem, yet hard as a diamond, they said.

As she wept, the woman cursed herself for letting her rival get under her skin like that. Why had he wanted to make her angry? It was very rude for anyone of her kind to ask about another's background. Why had he decided to bring up her past? Did he want to hurt her with the resurfaced memories?

The woman had pale skin, white and cold as frost. She had thin red lips that were made even more so for the fact that she kept biting her lip. Her hair was a deep, dark brown, almost black. Her eyes that had once been dark had now turned completely black. The woman wore a black choker around her neck. True to her name, a diamond was placed in the center. A closer look revealed that this diamond and the choker itself were surrounded in barbed wire. From the woman's tough outward appearance and aura of power, no one would ever guess that she had once been innocent. Nobody would ever guess she had once known nothing of what she would become. Not a soul upon hearing her story would believe her. No one.

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