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Submission Guidelines

We will accept writings in the following Categories: Children, Columnists, Drama, Fiction, Humour, Narratives, Novels, Poems, September 11, Short Stories, Teen Writings.

No pornographic, erotic or hate material will be posted on this site. No exceptions!

Please send only five submissions at one time. Only five submissions per author will be posted per week.

If your submission is rejected, and you have submitted a valid E-mail address we will notify you as soon as possible. If your work is not accepted, I will give you an explanation why it is not. Please don't be upset if we donít accept your work, there are many sites waiting for your work.

Please limit all chapters in novels to a reasonable size. We will decide this as it happens. You should put a reasonable limit on the length of the short story -- usually 5000 words.)

Most work will be posted within one week after being received. If it is not posted within two weeks let us know, we will investigate and let you know, there is a good chance we got busy or it was missed.

Please include an authors name and a title for your work submitted along with its genre.

Anyone who submits must give a valid e-mail in the submission form so we have a way to validate requests that you may make about your work.

Please submit only your work, (It is an infringement of the copyright law to submit work that is not your own.).

Please send all submissions in the following e mail form with no formatting and left aligned. We do not accept attachments. We will not go to a link you provide to get the story.

Please check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before submitting. We will not correct your spelling and its basic grammar. In addition to not editing your work for spelling and grammar, we will not edit your work to make it meet our requirements for posting on this site. We will make the work pleasing to the eye, and fit the page.

If you request that we correct or change any work you have already published on this site, then the corrections must be made in your original and the whole work re-submitted, we will not spend all day looking for one line to repair when we can replace the whole story in seconds. This is your work and your reputation.

This site is used by many people from all walks of life and we will not accept work that identifies an individual or group in what we consider to be wrong or in bad taste.

We reserve the right to not publish anything for any reason at anytime. If your work is not accepted, I will give you an explanation why it is not.

At The Writers Voice you may request that your works be removed for any reason what so ever and we will do so. However should you request your works be replaced some time later, this may not happen. It will be left up to the discretion of the Webmaster/Editor.

I recommend you become a member of the forum as soon as possible (After Submitting Work or Not) as this tool may be used to validate e-mail address changes and requests for work to be removed from the Voice after you have had a change of e-mail address as well as the community we are establishing.

We do not share e-mail addresses with anyone at all -- Zero Zippo Nodda. If some one asks for your e-mail address -- we will forward the request to you and delete the request, thatís why it is good to have a real e-mail address. If I receive a submission and there is a question I have before I can post your work I will send to the address that the submission was made from.

-- But First Please Read The Red --

-- Remember to include the Authors Name and the Title of the work in the body of the e-mail.
-- Do not format the story or poem by centering and adding backgrounds because I will not use them and they make the posting more difficult, make it all left aligned.

--If you must send an attachment I would prefer notepad txt instead of WordPad or MS word dot doc.

Very Important.

All work must have proper capitalization.




This is wrong and creates a lot more work for me then if the following rules and formatting is applied.
Remember I do this for free and make on money for this at all, not even adds.

Should be

The Quick Brown Fox


Joe Smith

This is very helpful and will save me a lot of time.

Could be

If you wish you may create the html address as indicated below with underscores.

The Quick Brown Fox


Joe Smith


With Tribute.

If you are adding a tribute to your piece it should be as follows...

The Quick Brown Fox

Tribute: To my dog spot.


Joe Smith


No spaces should appear between words in the html address because they make the title difficult to read e.g.

Thanks for following these simple rules. We are gaining new members every day and when it becomes very busy I will need all the help I can get to keep the Voice running smooth.

Because of the hundreds of e-mails I get per hour I will be rotating this address when it gets flooded with spam. So always click on the link instead of book marking this address. Better still bookmark the page...

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