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The Hunger Site

Free clicks for you to feed the hungry, help the rainforests,
and assist in breast cancer awareness.

This is an excellent site for links to many valuable Recourses and it is highly recommended that you spend some time there

This website is a place where people who are being bullied by someone else to come and post their stories, or read similar stories.

Read Please

This site enables you to copy and paste stories into the window provided, and instruct the computer program to read to you.

Inspired to Write/Wordweave

This wonderful Literary site hosted from Berlin by Susan Letham offers workshops and advice for writers, and showcases work on the site as well. Submissions must be approved before posting.

In addition to being an Internet Marketing and Publishing Company, Eagle Intermedia offers some valuable resources for writers on their website.  The url address is:

Real Insight Through Raw Opinion - just the title intrigues me! Have a look, I'm sure we will all find something interesting here.

The Gloob is a UK based, family friendly site offering a wide range of short stories, poems, children's stories and other articles from authors around the world. Come and join us!

Emergency Weather Network 

Satellite views of the globe and weather systems; emergency weather
reporting; point and click for weather shots throughout the globe.

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