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First-Person Narratives
Short Stories told from the perspective of the author or main character.

Aaron Atkinson


Adam D. Olson


Alex Caine

An Eye For An Eye


A Friend of Mine

Alice C. Bateman

A Blade of Grace
Celibacy as an Empowering Choice
Living Broke
Midnight Tea
On My Little Girl's Birthday
Saint Francis of Assisi
Time to Heal

Alisha Morgan

Dear Dad
Native Son:  An Essay
Self-Reliance:  An Essay
Split Personality

Andrea Doherty

Thank God I Am Female

Andrew Brown

Brown Brothers' Bike Trip Across Canada
Kayaks in June

Anna Batler

Lover's Prayer

Anna Trelles


Bill Keenan

I Know Which Road I Will Choose

Billie Moskona-Lerman

I Was A Human Shield

Bob Hyman

A Drink at Woodford
Back-packing and Self-Renewal in God's Country
Chief No-Nose
I Give You America
Magic Writers' Marbles

Payback Time
Pickhandle Pete
Ponder's Dilemma

Sunday Dreams
Susie Sunshine and the Sunflower Gang

The Butterfly Principle
The Cedar and the Oak
Who Speaks for the Common Man Person?

Bonita Grace

Through the Eyes of a Child

Brent Fuller

Look At My Philosophy

Brian Hinkle

The Great Adventure

Brian Peters

A Tornado is Coming
Drenched in Love

C J (Cindi) Mouser

For Love of a Dog

Carl Halling

A Spiritual Narrative - Part One
A Spiritual Narrative - Part Two

Cesar A. Miranda

Understanding Confusion

Chen-ou Liu

Writing in English: The Writing Life in Transition and Translation


Californication's End
Culture and Liberty
Rugged Individualism

Chris Alexander


Cinnamon Brown

7 Whole Days (the breakup saga)
A Single Mother
A True Story of Love
Black Like Me
Everyday I Pray
Redefining a Woman
The Breakdown
Truth Hurts

Colleen Sweeney

My Hero

Courtney Wilson

My Books
The Beginning of a Lifetime

Crystal Riley

Think About It

Danny Kinser

Life Story

Dave Frazier

The Apple

David J. Collins

Dark Side of Genius
The Hand of God

David Robinson

The Master Builder
Of Robin Hood, cracked pots and dreams

David Rothman

Another False Prophet

Derek Bracer

Kids Killing Kids

Derek J

Who Am I?

Devante Awic

Lost Hope - Chapter One
Lost Hope - Chapter Two

Diana Keeton

Fairy Tales

Dimitri Klisho

The Other Day

Donna Sorensen


Edgar Bates

Personal Responsibility

Elen Turner

Why Should I Learn This

Elisa Berman

Changes of Life

Elizabeth Finn


Elizabeth Maua Taylor

Sage and Candace

Emil Di Motta

MayDay! MayDay!
Stark Terror!

Erin Maglaque

Martha Stewart
My Favorite Fowl

Erin Wolfe

The Passage of the Deadheads

Erma Jean Crinkles

The Laundry Elf

Fahima Yousouf

Great Expectations

Fred Lane

America is the Loser

GR Oliver

Red Racer

Gary Gordon

Goth Culture

Geraldine Cook Davis

The ET Connection
Things Aren't What They Seem

Harry Buschman

A Full Deck
Broken Windows
Formula One
Grandpa's Gardenias
HMS Pinafore
Miracle of the Birds
My Stories
Some Notes on Characterization
The Ecstasy and the Agony Part One - Steeplechase
The Ecstasy and the Agony Part Two - Bitter Rice
The Eden Musee
The Last Believer
The Light Brown Suit
The Piano
Two Thousand Passions

Harold E Pruett


Heidi Yang

An Angel's Tears
A Friend of a Goth Person

I'm Grateful for My Friends
Rantings, Ravings and Religion
Thank You

Jack Mann

A Day to Remember
Freedom Friend or Foe

Jane Fox

Josh's Car Is Crushed
Wal-Mart Underwear
When Letters Fight Back

Jax Rerun

The Shells of 1988

Jenn Van Massenhoven 

My Journey
My Son
The Power of One Young Boy

Jeremy M. Trimble

Jasmine the Most Beautiful Flower

Jessica Protzman

Suicide Thoughts

Jessica Sayer

Is Santa Really Santa Claus

Jo Ann Mann

Living in a Trailer Home
What If

Joanna Rozo


John A Wilson

The Travelling Wall

John Foster

The Danger of Grandchildren

Jude Aher

Turning Road Blues 71

Jutta Zapf

Back to School

Katherine Lynn Charland

Coming Back To Center
Late Bloomer
Pushing Forty


Black Men White Women

Ken Bushnell

Babe Magnets
The Nature of Man
The Spirited Debate Between Men and Women
To Spell Check or Not to Spell Check


A Poetic Journey of Love and Honor

Kevin B. Duxbury

Where Sierra Highway Meets Pearblossom


It's Not Just About Me Anymore

Kim Knight

Manson Fans Wrongly Accused as Columbine Killers

Krisi Ferris

Through the Eyes of This Child


The Day of the Jolly Rancher

Loyal Wray

Holding Hands

Maggie Murphy

The Burning Candle
Tony's Law

Out of the Darkness


Marianna Hernandez

Double Take On Destiny
On the Outskirts of Death

Mark Sherrill

Another Morning

Marko Lampas

My Life In America

Maura Y.

Apartment Number Fifty Two

Megan Love

Hail the Mighty God Cyber

Melissa Thompson

When the World Died

Michael Basham

At the Ballpark

Michael Buchanan


Michael Casey

Wipe Out Welfare

Michael D. Holcomb

My Life - 1967-1973 - Part One
My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Two
My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Three

My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Four
My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Five
My Life - 1967-1973 - Part Six

Michael Faircloth

Fly or Fry
Who Am I?

Michael Levy

Holding On To Illusions
The Excellent Writer Within

Michelle Martin

One Rain Soaked Day

Natasha Bayes

From One Innocent to Another
Trapped By the One Who Set Me Free

Nathan Duersch

King of the Stream

Nicole Parreira

Fighting His Own War

Nicole Starleigh Yeager

That Day is Now
Unveiling the Truth About Love

Omar Couceiro II

Voyage of Independence

Pat Gluck

Lessening Risks
Ramblin's II

Ramblin's III
Ramblin's IV
Ramblin's V
Ramblin's VI
Ramblin's VII
Ramblin's VIII

Ramblin's IX
Ramblin's X (Potpourri)

Patti Dinneen

Blood Sweat and Tears
Last Will and Testament
Now Spit
The Fine Art of Home Improvement

Paul Bylin

The Other Casualty of War - Foreword
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter One
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Two
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Three
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Four
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Five
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Six
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Seven
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Eight
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Nine
The Other Casualty of War - Chapter Ten

Phil Rockstroh

Empire, Jesus, And The Death Gene

Rachel S. Pankey

Massacre of the Fashion Dolls
The Gong Show of the American Political System

Raye McDonald

Does Beauty Matter
Final Selection
Grandmothers March
Silence Golden or Deadly
Spiritual Addicts
The Day I Learned Humility
The Wedding at the Stock Show Grounds

Reghan Santi


Resham Bhojwani


Richard Lee Fulgham

The Bat With a Human Face: A Georgia Boy’s Memoir
The Lion on Canes

RM Youngman

The Angels Sang

Robert M. Hensel

A Poet's Story

Robert Schackner

Duck Duck Goose Goose
Home Alone
If I Could Talk to the Animals
Once and For All
Play Ball

Robert Taylor

Saluting the Aussies with Beer

Robyn Porter

The Window

Roderick Young

A Woman Worth Remembering
Young Clarity

Rodney Bohen

Dear Folks
Teacher, Can You See Me Raising My Hand?

S. J. Martin

Camping on the Banks of the Missouri

Sandra L. Jones


Sahar Sabati


Sarah Gibson

Definition of Love
The Internet is History
You've Got Mail Baby

Sharon Maier

Where's the Beef

Stacey Moyer

Questioning the Flowers

Susan Hubenthal

Child of Substance
My So-called Life

Suzanne Tyson

To the Young People of This Website
Twisted Gossip

Terry McLain

Super Bowl Nonsense
Tough Love


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