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The Many Vacation Packages of Kartrina Resort


Tiffany Alfonso

Chapter One

The day before what sparked my vacation plans, America was in a state of consolation because of a death of a former President, an actor, and a gallant fellow. Ronald Wilson Reagan, our fortieth President, fits all the descriptions very well indeed. As I heard this appalling type of bad news, the words had the urge to drip out of my tongue: Ronald Regan has died Ronald Regan has died. I knew it was emotional, but combined with Alzheimer's, and he lived a sufficient life of 93 years. According to my religious beliefs, I almost heard Our Creator calling him home to His kingdom, and that was His will, too. On the lighter side however, there was something emerging out of the tragedy of a great leader.

That night after this poignant day for America, I had an outlandish, but blissful dream about a theme park that looks like EPCOT, but it was much unusual. Disney characters greeted many tourists and students alike in a pavilion of metal, so I decided to have them sign something. There is one predicament, though, so I asked all my friends from eighth grade for a notebook. Instead, I obtained a flyer from the monorail entrance for them to sign and the lines are amazingly short when I returned to the metal pavilion. I saw some fairies who were outside from the Disney corporate but they left the very spot where they usually greet guests. I wondered how did those characters from a particular company greet masses of tourists from Florida and abroad.

A fish greeted me and as I said hello to him, he asked me to dance in a bubbly voice, typical of theme park characters. As we danced, I heard someone coming and the whole floor began to turn into goo. It was his evil stepfather coming to get him and the fish warned me to avoid the gooey pigsty because it was blistering. After they left with unhappy faces, I picked up a clump of goo the size of a Ping-Pong ball but it felt warm. As I picked up the rest of it, it suddenly vanished just to prepare the pavilion for another character. It was, like the fish and the fairies, foreign to the Disney Company and it looked almost like something out of Sesame Street. She was like the fish, but in the end, the ground was solid, not gooey. I felt disappointed because there was not a signature on the back of the flyer and none of the characters that were usually seen in Disney theme parks worldwide came to greet me.

After all the greetings and the back of the flyer bare, I went to a section of the so-called "partial EPCOT" that looks like 6 out of 11 pavilions of World Showcase was missing. Seeing all of them coming to a standstill, the Disney characters stood before some entertainers dressed as monarchs. After an hour of stillness, all the pavilions were dressed in snow as white as the T-shirt I wore in this outwardly eccentric theme park. Approaching my bench was a horde of Disney characters with entertainers fully clad in their holiday garb and the band played "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" as they and the holiday floats filed by thousands of spectators witnessing this stately event. I thought someday the real EPCOT would host such a stunning parade during the holidays because the only parade they have omits floats. I wondered how did it snow in Florida and how did the Yuletide season turn up so early. Someone beckoned me to a British shop and some miniature puppets appeared all over the place. One quoted the last verse of the most famous poem "The Night before Christmas" until I awaken to write down this dream, which sparked my inspiration to start planning my vacation package of a resort profoundly devoted to all areas of the arts.

Chapter Two

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