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Snowflake Window


Clive Michie

After bending the zinc came to form the boarder and securing it in place over the
design I start on the outer edge. The 2 main tools are the green handle nippers and
an old breaking pliers. I use many different pieces of wood for holding glass and to be
my extended fingers.

Here you see that I have surrounded the heads of 4 spokes and part of the 5th.
There are 3 spokes per section for a total of 18. I use a hammer head so I don't
get sloppy as easy if I used a handle and missed the nail and have to say opps.
I use the red handled file for changing angles on the lead came ever so little.

Getting a tight fit with the lead is very critical in this size of lead and not so much with the
thicker comes. I will solder as I go because the lead does not have a good grip on the glass
and if the pieces fall out of the glass you will do some back tracking. On larger pieces, I will use
lead with my horse shoe nails, but the smaller and especially the long thin strips I will use wood,
because the pressure can get great enough in one pressure point to break the glass.

This shows the lead tacked forming a frame work. Remember what you see in the
soldering is not finished. I use the smallest amount of solder just to hold it together.
If I use too much it might get in to the channel before I get the glass in and would
have to be replaced.

Here you can see 4 tools that will always be present when I am working, I cant work
with out them. I had a hard time getting a strip cutter that could do the production cutting
of thousands of pieces and very long cuts so I made my own with angle stop 1/4" cold rolled
steel welded at 90 degrees to the horizontal. The turret cutting head is of industrial quality.
The turret head was designed for a thinner rail so I had to file it out to fit. I can get the
wheels out of a diamantor green wood handled cutter that I prefer for all
clear float including plate and 6 ml.

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